KAJI-FM95.3 is a Low Power FM station (LPFM) serving the Cove Communities of Palm Desert, Indian Wells, and Rancho Mirage.  KAJI-FM/95.3 is operated and managed under the
aegis of the non-profit American Jazz Institute (AJI) with its transmitter located in South Palm Desert.  We urge you to tune-in and enjoy our intensive library of great American Jazz artists.

                                  Our Mission Statement
From its humble beginnings in New Orleans at the turn of the century, Jazz evolved into one of America's enduring world contributions, a "universal language" understood by all.
Continuing in this spirit, KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3 along with support from its parent, "The American Jazz Institute" (AJI) seeks to preserve this national treasure as well as expand upon it by spotlighting America's great Jazz Composers, Arrangers and Musicians--both firmly established and newly discovered from traditional to avant grade.
The American Jazz Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the appreciation of American Jazz Music.  As an extension of AJI, KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3's mission is to keep American Jazz alive for old and new generations by broadcasting the glorious sounds of American Jazz, without commercials, 24 hours per day!  Being a Low Power FM radio station does not stop KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3 from getting its music out to the world. KAJI is streaming music live so you can take us with you wherever your go.  Here is the link to hear us 24 hours per day anywhere in the world: 

The American Jazz Institute being a non-profit organization can use your help.  By joining AJI, your tax deductible donation will be use to further the KAJI Mission and keep American Jazz alive and well for generations to come.  And as a bonus for joining AJI, you will receive a beautiful hard-copy book, "The Jazz Image: Masters of Jazz Photography by Lee Tanner.  This book is a must for any Jazz lover.  It is an unprecedented collection of over 150 stunning duotone photos by famed Jazz photographers of Legendary artists from Louis to Miles, on stage and behind the scenes.  It contains 176 pages and measures 10" x 12".  Few Jazz lovers have seen the wonderful candid pictures contained in this book.  Just complete the form at the end of our site and mail it to us with your tax deductible donation.

Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Ron Carter
                                      Our Live Programs
KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3 is still in the process of adding live broadcasting programs to its schedule and we will keep you informed as new add new and special programs:
                              The Alan P. Schultz Show
                                   Daily from 8:00AM to 10:AM

KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3 is proud to have Alan P Schultz not only broadcasting daily on our station but also assuming the responsibilities of Program Director.  Alan has had a long and successful career in Jazz radio including presenting the "Best of Jazz" on some of the most famous Jazz Radio Stations in the country including:
                                                      KRNO, San Bernardino, CA
                                                KBIG/KBIQ Hollywood, CA
                                                KNOB Long Beach, CA
                                                KSOL San Francisco, CA
                                                KEST San Francisco, CA
                                                KSPC Claremont University and
                                                KRML Carmel, CA
In addition, Alan has served as V.P. of Operations of "Douglas Broadcasting", a 12-station radio group.  He was a Director of "The Monterey Jazz Festival" and currently serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors for "The American Jazz Institute".
                                               The Lee Hartley Show
                                      Daily From 10:00AM to Noon        

Lee Hartley hosts a daily radio program on KAJI Jazz Radio/FM95.3 where she loves to play Jazz Classics that few stations in the US will play today.  Lee has has a long, successful and continuing performing career as a vocalist and has performed with some of the best names in American Jazz.  Most recently, she performed and toured with the legendary Les McCann.  Lee moved back to the Palm Springs areas 6 years ago and has worked with Ted Herman, Paul McDonald,  Charles Owens and Ladd Macintosh's Big Bands.

                                            The Mark Masters Show
                            Wednesdays from 2PM to 5PM

American Jazz Trumpeter, Composer and Arranger, Mark Masters will be hosting a live weekly Jazz show on Wednesdays from 2PM to 5PM.  Mark according to many music critics has been a major influence on the American Jazz scene for over 40 years.  Biographer Michael G. Nastos had this to say about Mark Masters, "Mark has emerged as one of the great Jazz Arrangers of the 20th and 21th Century". Mark has worked on many fabulous Jazz projects including publishing many CD's including the few listed below.

           The Clifford Brown Project              (Capri 2003)       
           Porgy and Bess: Redefined                (Capri 2005)
           Farewell Walter Dewey Redman      (Capri 2008)
           Ellington Saxophone Encounters     (Capri 2012)

Mark is President of the Board of Directors of the American Jazz Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the enrichment and enhancement of the appreciation of Jazz Music and parent of KAJI Jazz Radio.

                                             The Doug MacDonald Show
                              Mondays From 2PM to 4PM    

Freelance Guitarist, Arranger and Composer, Doug MacDonald is broadcasting on Mondays from 2PM to 4PM.  Doug is internationally recognized as one of the most talented musicians performing today in venues across the USA and Europe.  For music lovers here in the Coachella Valley, Doug is a musical gift from heaven!  Doug's talents include Arranging and Composing and he has recorded over 20 CDs performing as the primary artist and over 50 CDs joining multiple-talented artists. 

                                 Michael Dees Joins Alan Schultz
                               Saturdays from 10:30 to Noon
World-class Vocalist, Michael Dees discussed all aspects of the music business with KAJI Program Director Alan Schultz on Saturdays from 10:30PM to Noon.  
                                     The Shelly Yoelin Show
                                  Saturdays Noon to 2:00PM


Tenor player, Composer, Educator and Arranger, Shelly Yoelin broadcast his music show every Saturday from Noon to 2:00PM.  A great Jazz musicians playing his favorite Jazz cuts.

                        The Alan Schultz Jazz Lecture Series
                                           The Rancho Mirage Library 
KAJI's Program Director and Jazz Aficionado, Alan Schultz returns again this year to The Rancho Mirage Library to present 3 new Jazz lectures about his life and careers of the greatest loved American Jazz musicians.

Tuesday January 8, 2-3PM: Duke Ellington: The Man and His Music

Tuesday February 12, 2-3PM: On Bossa Nova: Jobim, Getz and Gilberto

Tuesday March 12, 2-3PM: Howard Rumsey and the
Lighthouse All-Stars                                                                             
                                          KAJI Membership Form

Name_______________________________  Address_____________________________



Annual Membership $100.00   Please make your check payable to "The American Jazz Institute" and mail to The American Jazz Institute, PO Box 5716, Pasadena, CA 91117

Links of Interest
California Jazz Foundation 
The California Jazz Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization created to aid and assist California Jazz musicians in financial or medical  crisis.  Established in 2006, the Foundation was formed to fulfill the unmet critical need to help these talented artists who have given us so much pleasure over the years, often with little reward.

Established in 2009 by Robert A. Nicosia, the Music Man Blog is committed to providing a common meeting place where like-minded music lovers can share information and increase the joy and ecstasy of music and the melodies, lyrics and performers who brought us to the party.  While the mainstay topics will always be a focus of the "Great American Songbook", we will also share information on contributions by great performers of standards, as well as new songs that could become the new standards for the younger generation.  Along the way, we will also be covering other aspects of the music business including reviews of current live performances, new and old CDs, new songs and some of our personal experiences.

KAJI can be heard 24 hours on MIXIR streaming radio.  Simply hit the link above and you can listen to great Jazz no matter where you are.

                            How to Access KAJI 95.3 FM LP Jazz Radio

There are many ways to get access to Coachella Valley’s premier Jazz station.
FM Radio– this is an obvious choice if you are within range of the Low Power FM transmitter tower based in Palm Desert.   The FM signal can be found at 95.3 on the FM dial on your car or home radio.   An FM antenna may help pull in the signal if you are on the fringe of the broadcast area.
A close up of a computer

Description generated with high confidenceInternet Radio– KAJI can be accessed over the Internet in several different ways:
HomeStereos– there are two possible ways to access KAJI via your Receiver if it is Wi-Fi compatible.   Many brands (Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, Denon, …) are compatible with the music streaming app “TuneIn”.   Some other brands (Samsung, Pioneer, Phillips, Bose, Onkyo, Teac, …) are compatible with the streaming app “vTuner”.  KAJI is now available on both.  If your Stereo is not connected to Wi-Fi, you may be able to patch in your cell phone, tablet or computer to the line-in jacks on the back of your receiver.

A speaker next to a flat screen television

Description generated with high confidenceHomeTheatreSystems– like Home Stereos above, use your Receiver to access KAJI via TuneIn, vTuner, or via a patch to another external device.  Home theatre systems and home stereos will provide the best fidelity from the KAJI broadcast.

Multi-Room WirelessSpeakerSystems(SONOS, BOSE, …) – these systems typically require a “Live Stream URL".  “URL” (or Uniform Resource Locator) is just another way to refer to a website name. The Live Stream URL for KAJI is http://edge.mixlr.com/channel/vkjle.  This is the best solution for making KAJI available throughout your house.

A display screen

Description generated with very high confidenceSmartTVs– Smart TVs are connected to the Internet usually by wireless Wi‑Fi.  They can receive TV signals over the air, via cable, or via the Internet.  Many smart TVs can directly access the TuneIn music streaming app or vTuner app.  If not, you should be able to access WWW.AmJazzIn.Orgvia your Smart TVs internet web browser.
A close up of a computer

Description generated with high confidence
Computers– access KAJI on your web browser at WWW.AmJazzIn.Org or via the TuneIn app.  The TuneIn app can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on Windows computers or the Apple Store on Apple products.

A display screen

Description generated with very high confidenceTVswithROKU, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV– these devices allow you to watch TV via the internet.   If your TV has ROKU built-in or you have a ROKU dongle (a small device that plugs into the USB port of a TV or computer and provides additional functionality), usethe TuneIn app to listen to
                          KAJI.  This applies to Chromecast and Fire TV as well.
CellPhonesTablets– on both Apple iPhones and Android devices use TuneIn or go directly to WWW.AmJazzIn.Orgfrom your browser.   Use headphones, or Bluetooth to send the signal to Bluetooth compatible speakers, or “Cast" the signal to the ChromeCast dongle on your TV or Hi-Fi speakers.

A close up of a car

Description generated with high confidenceAutomobileInternetRadios– manufacturers such as Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes Benz are now providing internet connection via satellite.  Use TuneIn to access KAJI.  Similar capabilities are being introduced by Ford and GM.

   GameConsoles– Game consoles connect to the Internet and can be used for
     more than playing video games.  They are often used, for example, to access
   and watch Netflix movies, something that you can’t do over a standard cable  
                          TV connection.  Game consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's
                          Playstation provide access to either TuneIn or vTuner.  KAJI is available on

·       A Note About TuneIn– the TuneIn application, available on cellphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and WIFI-enabled stereo receivers, provides easy access to KAJI.  Finding KAJI the first time takes some work as there are literally hundreds of radio stations worldwide that claim to broadcast Jazz.   However, once you have located it, save it as a “Favorite” station and it will be readily available the next time.  A side note:  most of the other “Jazz” stations either play Jazz only occasionally or play repeated playlists endlessly with little or no DJ commentary.   KAJI is one of the few Jazz stations worldwide that plays only Jazz and has DJs who come from the Jazz world.   




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